Ben Simmons Comes Under Fire From Shaquille O’Neal Again

For the Brooklyn Nets this season, Simmons has missed a significant amount of action.

Ben Simmons Comes Under Fire From Shaquille O'Neal Again

One of the NBA’s most fascinating stories is the decline in output of Ben Simmons. This story will surely be recounted again once he retires, particularly if he does wind up on a team that wins a championship.

Simmons relocated to Brooklyn with the Nets after severing his ties to Philadelphia, but his new surroundings haven’t been all that great.

He has been limited in his availability by injuries, and on Thursday night it was declared that he will not be playing this season.

Surgery was necessary to address a persistent back ailment, which explains the extended absence. However, many are dubious about Simmons’ health, with some NBA greats even questioning his bravery and dedication to the game.

Unafraid to voice his opinions, Shaquille O’Neal has lost patience with the Nets players, even though Ben Simmons was previously thought of as LeBron James’ NBA successor apparent.

Regarding Ben Simmons, what remarks did Shaq make?

When asked which NBA players he would feel comfortable paying to watch only because they were entertainers on the court, O’Neal responded in his own podcast.

But he seized the chance to seriously disparage Simmons, so his response wasn’t quite sincere.

“Ben Simmons, please explain me how you manage to earn 80 million dollars and play 55 games.”

“Please explain to me how you could play 55 games in three seasons and receive 30 million, 40 million, and an additional 40 million dollars simply by claiming to have a back injury.”

“Get your hands on some Icy Hot. Get a man up.”

Speaking on The Big Podcast with Shaq, Shaq stated.

Ben Simmons has missed much of the season due to the previously mentioned back problem; he has only played in 15 games.

His longest run of missed games this season was 38, and the problem was not sufficiently resolved by a small treatment he had on his lower back at first.

Positively speaking, Simmons still has time to turn things around as he is only 27 years old. However, his reputation has suffered greatly over the years, and the true contenders are simply unwilling to include him.

In addition, he will be having his second back surgery in three years, which raises the possibility that there is a serious problem with his physical makeup that could be causing him to suffer from the challenges of playing professional basketball.

The Nets have a one-year contract with Simmons that expires at the end of the current season. It is currently worth approximately forty million dollars.

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