Blackhawks Fans Deemed NHL’s Most “ice cold” And Hostile

Blackhawks Fans Deemed NHL's Most "ice cold" And Hostile

One of the most gregarious fan bases in all of sports is recognized for hockey. Witnessing the action live on the rink is an unforgettable experience, whether you’re in Bell Centre in Montreal or the TD Garden in Boston.

According to a recent survey, the Blackhawks boast the league’s loudest fan base. reports that NHL fans who support the Blackhawks consider themselves to be the most aggressive.

3,000 NHL fans in the US and Canada were surveyed about their sportsmanship practices in order to compile the list.

A lot of problems were raised regarding the frequency of booing. Supporting the injuries of the other team, trash-talking them on social media, showing no remorse for previous bad behavior, and generally showing a lack of sympathy for them. Then, using all of that data, they created a “ice cold” index.

The “ice cold” measure gave Blackhawks supporters a score of 96.9 out of 100. At 94.0, Avalanche supporters ranked second. With an index score of just 5.5, the Ottawa Senators have the “warmest” home crowd.

One main factor in Blackhawks supporters’ high rating was: The NHL’s greatest percentage of supporters, 22.2%, admitted to having battled with rival team supporters, and 46% indicated they had no regrets about their previous acts of sportsmanship.

The group weighted its index as follows:

  • 25% of participants engaged in physical combat
  • 15% of people applaud injuries.
  • 15% Participates in inappropriate conduct (bullying, teasing, etc.)
  • 15% Does not feel guilty for bad actions
  • 15% Don’t show sympathy for the losing team
  • 5% Frequency of high booing
  • 5% of social media posts on the other team are trash talking.
  • 5% Sportsmanship score based on oneself

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