Bo Jackson Wins Legal Lawsuit Against His Family

Bo Jackson Wins Legal Lawsuit Against His Family For $21M In Damages

Bo Jackson, a former NFL and MLB player, won a civil lawsuit against his niece and nephew, claiming damages from their attempted extortion of $21 million.

Jackson and his immediate family are not to be contacted by Thomas Lee Anderson and Erica M. Anderson Ross indefinitely, according to the decision made in Cobb County, Georgia, on February 2.

Bo Jackson claimed that beginning in 2022, they had been harassing him nonstop, to the point where he was threatening to continue the intimidation in exchange for $20 million.

A history of intimidation

A complaint was filed alleging serious mental anguish due to false depictions and threats on social media. The Andersons are now required to keep 500 yards a distance from Jackson and to delete any social media posts that may be associated with him.

“Regretfully, Bo continues to respond fiercely to those trying to extract $20 million from Jackson and his family,” according to Jackson’s lawyers David Conley and Robert Ingram.

According to WSB-TV, Jackson recounted a pattern of harassment that started in 2022 and included threatening social media posts, unfounded public accusations, and the publication of personal information with the intention of causing extreme emotional anguish.

Jackson’s personal images, texts, and medical data are purportedly under threat from Thomas Anderson being posted on Facebook. With the assistance of a lawyer from Atlanta, the Andersons threatened to trash an Auburn charity event and show up close to Jackson’s house unless they got paid.

Jackson filed a civil conspiracy lawsuit, requested a stalking protection order, and requested damages for mental anguish and violation of privacy out of concern about his and his family’s safety.

The harassment continued even after receiving a cease-and-desist letter. Upon the Andersons’ failure to appear in court for a hearing in May 2023, Cobb County Superior Court Judge Jason D. Marbutt declared the Andersons in default and accepted Jackson’s claims as true.

Before the NFL’s Buccaneers selected him in the draft, Jackson—who is most known for winning the 1985 Heisman Trophy—did well in both baseball and football. Nevertheless, he chose to play baseball and was selected for the All-Star team in 1989 after playing for the Los Angeles Angels, Chicago White Sox, and Kansas City Royals.

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