Fernando Alonso Reacts To Jab At Aston Martin From Taylor Swift

In the most recent film from the British racing team, the Spanish Formula One driver is the headliner.

Fernando Alonso Reacts To Jab At Aston Martin From Taylor Swift

Fernando Alonso has taken the social media world by storm since making a comeback to Formula 1, particularly after joining Aston Martin. The Spaniard gets better with every new TikTok post, and in the most recent one which can be seen on the British team’s official account—he reacts to the newest song by Taylor Swift, a musician the two-time world champion was previously associated with, in a hilarious and original way.

When the networks started speculating about a romance between Alonso and Swift a year ago, it did not help that the Spanish driver avoided attention and used some of the American singer’s songs in his TikTok and Instagram videos.

The singer’s new song, “Imgonnagetyouback,” features the lyrics, “I’m an Aston Martin you drove straight into the ditch / Then you ran and hid,” bringing up the subject of their romance, even though it appears to be going well for both. The Asturian has been linked to journalist Melissa Jimenez, and Swift is dating Travis Kelce.

Many have read this verse as an affirmation that something existed between them in the past. With Fernando Alonso in the lead role, Aston Martin has now posted an odd video to TikTok.

A soundtrack of Swift’s song plays while the Spanish driver is shown staring at a screen before abruptly looking up and gesturing mockingly at the camera.

Formula One Driver Fernando Alonso Reacts to Taylor Swift’s Apparent Dig at Him

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