Fernando Tatis, Fan Raised Questions About His Cosmetic Surgery

Padres outfielder is having a fantastic season thus far and is making people jealous.

Fernando Tatis, Fan Raised Questions About His Cosmetic Surgery

Without a doubt, Fernando Tatis is renowned for his extraordinary talent, but he is also well-known for his scandals, his unpredictable conduct, and his habit of making out with supporters who taunt him from the stands. Recently, he has even been charged with “getting a facelift,” or obtaining cosmetic surgery.

Dodgers’ supporters yell at Fernando Tatis

Though El Nino Tatis has always said he enjoys working out hard and molding his body to appear as good as possible, a video of Dodgers fans berating him and yelling “BBL, BBL”—a reference to the Brazilian butt lift—has since surfaced.

Though the Padres outfielder appeared to be enjoying the occasion, Fernando Tatis was unfazed by the yells coming from right field at Dodger Stadium. He even struck a posture that demonstrated his serious ass qualities.

50 sets of cleats and Fernando Tatis in 2024

Tatis, who is among the most beloved players in Major League Baseball and the most charismatic player for the Padres right now, had 50 pairs of cleats manufactured this season to help further solidify his identity and support charitable causes.

With his right cleat, which was inspired by the team’s striped white jerseys from 1998—the year Gwynn led the Padres to their most recent World Series—the San Diego Padres great stammered into third base.

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The 1980s saw brown and yellow on Tatis Sr.’s left cleat. The late Hall of Famer was honored with the name “Mr. Padre” on the back of both cleats.

Maybe it was a sign from God that Tatis unveiled those personalized cleats on the eve of the Padres’ twentieth anniversary of their inaugural game at Petco Park, which features a statue of Gwynn just past the center field fence.

Or perhaps all that separates Tatis from most other players is his attitude and sense of style.

After helping to overturn an 8-0 deficit into a 9-8 triumph, Tatis commented,

“Definitely the shoes.” “The top held the power. Always appreciative. Definitely feeling a little creative today.” “I’m glad I was wearing those shoes today.”

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