Jalen Hurts; Fans Curiosity If He Wore Formal Shoes During Game Against Cowboys

Due to his choice of sneakers, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles sparked ripples.

One of the most important games of the 2023 season is the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys matchup. Jalen Hurts, who has excelled over the last several seasons and emerged as one of the NFL’s stars, is an important player in this.

But it was Hurts’ cleats, not his skill that caught the eye of a lot of football fans during this specific game.

Jalen Hurts deceived spectators by wearing cleats

Hurts had on neutral-colored, brown cleats that had no color coordination with the Eagles’ uniforms. Fans on social media started questioning whether Hurts was experimenting with “dress shoes” because the logo isn’t immediately noticeable.

It was a short-lived conspiracy speculation anyway. Hurts’ Jordan XI PE cleats are being used in a unique hue.

The color scheme honors Saturday, November 11, Veterans Day. In the weeks leading up to it, the NFL honors veterans with a “Salute to Service” effort.

Jalen Hurts seemed to have a leg injury throughout the game, but he returned and played well, suffering through it.

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