LeBron James Endorses Kevin Fitzgibbons After Harsh NFL Ruling

Tyreek Hill recorded a joyful backflip while using Fitzgibbons’ phone.

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After NFL decided to suspend cinematographer Kevin Fitzgibbons for the rest of the 2023 season and maybe forever, LeBron James expressed his displeasure.

Tyreek Hill started the incident in a Miami Dolphins vs. Carolina Panthers Week 6 game when he took Fitzgibbons’ phone to capture a joyful backflip adhering to a score.

Fitzgibbons was denied cameraman credentials while Hill was fined by the NFL for the celebration.

By expressing his disapproval of the league’s decision, LeBron James shared his thoughts on the disaster on his Instagram story.

“This is so messed up, man! Put on hold for the entire year, and potentially forever! NFL, come on! Perform better! This isn’t really that serious.”  

The star of the Los Angeles Lakers wrote.

Kevin Fitzgibbons: who is he?

Fitzgibbons, a University of Miami student studying sports and fitness administration and management, began creating videos and material in junior high school.

His experience includes working as a video editor and content producer for VaynerSports and Rosenhaus Sports with well-known NFL players such as Tyreek Hill, James Conner, and Saquon Barkley.

After seeking for an NFL gig, Fitzgibbons—who has also worked as a freelancer for Bleacher Report since 2021—was hired to cover Miami Dolphins home games.

Fitzgibbons stated,

“In a matter of seconds, one of the most memorable moments of my life flipped completely upside down. Though I wish I could have done anything to stop it, I understand why the NFL had to make this choice. Nevertheless, I’m appreciative of Tyreek’s recollection. I never took a day for granted because this was the best job I had ever had. “

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