NBA Report Reveals Referee Made Multiple Errors in Knicks vs 76ers Game

NBA Report Reveals Referee Made Multiple Errors in Knicks vs 76ers Game

The much-anticipated Game 2 between the Philadelphia 76ers and the New York Knicks turned chaotic due to multiple errors from the referee.

The Philadelphia 76ers had a comfortable 101-96 lead with under a minute left, but what happened next was beyond expectations.

Just when the chances of Knicks win looked slim, Jalen Brunson scored a 3-pointer with an inbound pass, followed by a timely Donte DiVincenzo trey swung the momentum in their favor. The Knicks registered a famous come-from-behind victory.

However, the NBA’s post-game analysis revealed that the referee made multiple mistakes in the flurry of events that eventually cost the 76ers the game.


With less than 30 seconds remaining (27.2 seconds to be precise), the referee ignored Coach Nurse’s call for a timeout, attracting ire from the Sixers bench. The coach then made another timeout attempt but the outcome wasn’t any different.

The analysis further revealed that the game officials also missed a crucial call – a jersey tug by Brunson on Maxey disrupted the latter’s attempt to secure the pass. This was a clear foul that went unnoticed and influenced the result of the game.

But this doesn’t end here. A subsequent collision between Hart and Maxey, after which the latter fell was also overlooked. These infractions painted a picture of inconsistency in officiating, further compounded by missed calls favoring both teams in the game’s waning moments.

Despite the controversy, the 76ers chose against holding a protest. They rather lodged a formal complaint with the league, which deals with the officiating throughout Games 1 and 2. This behavior underscores the pattern of disputes focused on referee’s injustice, in which Daryl Moray participated during the 2019 season.

The Sixers have a high mountain to climb since they trail 2-0 thanks to two victories of the Knicks. Having two consecutive home games back-to-back, they must strategize their play and do it well enough for the referee not to be an issue.

With the drawback of Game 2, the focus now goes to the recovery of previous and also taking charge of the series so it can progress smoothly. Now as the Sixers are fighting to make up for the “lost time”, the spotlight shines on the league’s officiating ethics and it will decide what kind of playoffs we are going to have this season.

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