The Ratification Of Paige Spiranac’s Position As An Influencer

This week, Paige Spiranac made a remark claiming responsibility for the sudden upsurge in “over-sexualized” female golf influencers.

The 30-year-old Spiranac spoke candidly about LGPA players who previously criticized her for being “too sexual” and are currently doing the same when she appeared on Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre.

“When I first came into the industry and when I was trying to play professionally,”

“A lot of the LPGA players didn’t like me and were very outspoken about it, and like a lot of influential people who supported me, they said they didn’t want to go down the path I was going down. They weren’t going to ‘oversexualize’ themselves, and they turned around and did exactly the same thing.”

“Sometimes there just isn’t a level of respect for everything I’ve been through, and if I hadn’t done this, they wouldn’t even be doing this now. They wouldn’t even have a job without all the hardships I’ve faced and the path I paved for them.”

Paige Spiranac 

Even though Spiranac omitted naming specific players, it is clear that her accomplishment provided the impetus for others to emulate it.

Maxim’s “Hot 100” edition had her on the cover the previous year.

A younger generation: has Paige Spiranac benefited them?

Spiranac received a lot of criticism from the more experienced players, but the younger players may learn a lot from her because of the lessons she has learned in the past.

“I keep to myself. I’m very introverted. I keep my head down, do my job, and get it over with. But if any of the young women come to me, I’m more than willing to give advice.” 

“I think I’m a little more cautious because of all the hate I’ve gotten from women in the industry, so I’m a little hesitant about approaching or wanting to collaborate because I’ve been burned in the past. But if any of them approach me, I’m always willing to lend a hand.”

Paige Spiranac

Spiranac fights every day to be taken seriously, and only later does she create a sketch making fun of those who think she ought to be a stripper.

Spiranac can be seen pole dancing in the video, which she subsequently cited as among her worst experiences.

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