Tiger Woods Meme “Big Dog” Went Viral

A handshake captured on camera has made a golf star extremely popular.

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Tiger Woods is now the internet’s “Big Dog,” having shed his previous persona as the admired “Big Cat” in favor of a new one.

This change began after Woods was photographed shaking hands with someone at the PNC Championship last week. The photo was posted on Instagram by No Laying Up, who made fun of the person in the photo by calling him “Big dog.” The message, published on December 18, signaled the beginning of Woods’ most recent online takeover.

This seemingly innocent exchange had an impact outside of the golf community as well; Blake Ferguson, the long snapper for the Miami Dolphins, became a part of the viral trend.

Ferguson used humor to promote his Pro Bowl candidature by utilizing the meme and encouraging retweets with the hashtag #ProBowlVote Blake Ferguson.

Its unclear how much Woods is aware of his recent internet stardom. Still, the legendary 47-year-old golfer had the chance to play in the competition with his 14-year-old son Charlie, accompanied by his 16-year-old daughter Sam as the caddy. Woods discussed his family’s deep significance for the occasion as he thought back on the experience.

How did Tiger Woods fare in the competition?

The Woods family provided many special moments even though they placed fifth in the competition, behind champions Bernhard Langer and his son Jason. During one such moment, Charlie made history by chipping in for a birdie on the fifteenth hole, leaving his father stunned and drawing applause from the crowd.

Even though he continues to have injury issues, Tiger Woods had an encouraging weekend, walking all but one round. With his long break from competitive play behind him, Woods believes he will be able to participate in 2024. He attributes his optimism to his tough training regimen and the gradual dispelling of any residual misgivings.

In addition to his golf accomplishments, Woods became a meme known as the “Big Dog” on the internet, which provided a lighthearted counterpoint to his legendary golf career.

The events of the last weekend offer a diverse tapestry of victories and just discovered viral praise as Woods embraces the possibility of a resurrected career and navigates the changing terrain of internet stardom.

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