Who is getting drafted to the NBA 2024

For each college player, who is now entering his third round of the season, it is still the stage for growth and being impressive.

Kentucky’s dynamic duo on the guard has risen to the fore, having come a long way in proving their worth from the initial season, which saw them languishing at the bottom.

With many prospects reaching the end of their HS seasons, the draft class appears to have a weaker field than the class of 2023.

True to the recent Bleacher Report’s mock draft already published on March 6, analysis performed on the draft order and stats updated with pre-game players’ stats from Wednesday remains up to date.

1. Washington Wizards: Alexandre Sarr

Previous Mock Draft Spot: No. 1

Team: Perth Wildcats

Position: PF/C

Size: 7-foot-1, 216 lbs

Age/Year: 18

Nationality: French

Pro Comparison: Jaren Jackson Jr

In merely two NBL playoff games, Alexandre Sarr has already put together seven blocks and various other shots have been disrupted by fewer than 25 minutes of playing time. At age 18, his length, quick feet, and other defensive qualities make him quite unrivalled. Such qualities will be very important for the whole club this year.

Yet, it isn’t only defence that is making people turn their heads. Sarr’s flashy offensive moves like 3-point shots and smooth ball-handling for a big man add value to him in the selection process for the draft. In the predictions, Sarr promises to be the player who will cause the biggest change, thus possibly shaping a team’s identity.

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2. Detroit Pistons: Zaccharie Risacher

Previous Mock Draft Spot: No. 2

Team: JL Bourg-en-Bresse

Position: SG/SF

Size: 6-foot-8, 204 lbs

Age/Year: 18


Pro Comparison: Harrison Barnes

Fit is a key consideration for the Detroit Pistons at No. 2. With a focus on developing Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey, there’s little room for guards like Reed Sheppard and Rob Dillingham. Zaccharie Risacher emerges as both a top prospect and a seamless fit alongside two primary ball-handlers. Despite questions about his on-ball skills, Risacher’s impressive 43.8% 3-point shooting and scoring ability make him a safe bet in a draft lacking clear-cut stars.

3. San Antonio Spurs: Reed Sheppard

Previous Mock Draft Spot: No. 6

Team: Kentucky

Position: PG/SG

Size: 6-foot-3, 187 lbs

Age/Year: 19, Freshman

Nationality: American

Pro Comparison: Kirk Hinrich

The collective estimation of Reed Sheppard’s performance ceiling has generated a considerable debate among the scouts after another superb game. The statistics he racks up is similar to the top-five pick freshmen’s, the five star does that without a doubt. But his physical shape and athleticism remains a matter of argument. Sheppard will endure a close inspection of his measurements at the NBA combine, but his exceptional collegiate experience, especially his on-court effectiveness against the best NCAA players and his elite shot selection, reveal a promising athlete.

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4. Charlotte Hornets: Ron Holland

Previous Mock Draft Spot: No. 4

Team: G League Ignite

Position: SF

Size: 6-foot-6, 204 lbs

Age/Year: 18

Nationality: American

Pro Comparison: Cam Whitmore

Despite a dip in his stock, Ron Holland remains an intriguing prospect for the Charlotte Hornets. His explosive drives and defensive prowess complement LaMelo Ball’s playmaking and Brandon Miller’s shooting. Holland’s ability to adapt his pace and scoring versatility make him a valuable asset, with ample room for growth in self-creation and shotmaking.

5. Portland Trail Blazers: Cody Williams

Previous Mock Draft Spot: No. 8

Team: Colorado

Position: SF/PF

Size: 6-foot-8, 190 lbs

Age/Year: 19, Freshman

Nationality: American

Pro Comparison: Jaden McDaniels  

Drafting considerations for the Portland Trail Blazers center around existing talent like Scoot Henderson and Anfernee Simons. Cody Williams’ offensive potential is subject to debate, but his off-ball efficiency and defensive prowess mitigate concerns. Despite a brief absence due to injury, Williams’ well-rounded game and versatility make him a compelling option.

6. Memphis Grizzlies: Rob Dillingham

Previous Mock Draft Spot: No. 7

Team: Kentucky

Position: PG/SG

Size: 6-foot-3, 176 lbs

Age/Year: 19, Freshman

Nationality: American

Pro Comparison: Darius Garland

Rob Dillingham’s draft position hinges on team needs and preferences. His scoring prowess and self-creation abilities make him a tantalizing prospect despite his slender frame. Dillingham’s skill set and efficiency warrant consideration, with concerns mainly revolving around his physique and shot selection.

7. San Antonio Spurs (via Raptors): Nikola Topić

Previous Mock Draft Spot: No. 3

Team: KK Crvena Zvezda

Position: PG

Size: 6-foot-6, 198 lbs

Age/Year: 18

Nationality: Serbian

Pro Comparison: Goran Dragic

Nikola Topić’s extended absence due to injury coincided with shifts in draft dynamics. However, his playmaking and scoring prowess in the Adriatic League remain noteworthy. Despite uncertainties surrounding his return, Topić’s potential to impact the game with his passing and offensive versatility makes him a coveted prospect.

8. Houston Rockets (via Nets): Matas Buzelis

Previous Mock Draft Spot: No. 5

Team: G League Ignite

Position: SF

Size: 6-foot-8, 209 lbs

Age/Year: 19

Nationality: American/Lithuanian

Pro Comparison: Hedo Türkoğlu

Matas Buzelis offers intriguing versatility and athleticism, despite criticisms of his shooting and consistency. His size, skill set, and potential make him an attractive option for the Houston Rockets as they seek to bolster their roster.

9. Utah Jazz: Kyle Filipowski

Previous Mock Draft Spot: No. 9

Team: Duke

Position: PF/C

Size: 7-foot-0, 248 lbs

Age/Year: 20, Sophomore

Nationality: American

Pro Comparison: Santi Aldama

Kyle Filipowski’s appeal lies in his versatility, blending shooting, passing, and defensive skills uncommon for a player of his size. His ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor makes him a valuable asset for any team.

10. Atlanta Hawks: Donovan Clingan

Previous Mock Draft Spot: No. 11

Team: Connecticut

Position: C

Size: 7-foot-2, 280 lbs

Age/Year: 20, Sophomore

Nationality: American

Pro Comparison: Jakob Poeltl

Donovan Clingan’s physicality and defensive prowess offer immediate benefits for teams seeking interior presence. His size, mobility and shot-blocking ability make him a formidable force in the paint, while his offensive contributions add depth to any frontcourt.

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