Why Trea Turner Feel Such Strong Dislike For New MLB Uniforms?

The new uniforms were met with criticism from a number of Major League players.

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The most recent baseball uniform designs from Nike have sparked debate among players and spectators, with many voicing their disapproval of the modifications. The new clothes have divided the Philadelphia PhilliesTrea Turner, who said, “I know everyone hates them.”

In an effort to improve fit, speed up drying times, and improve mobility, Nike debuted their Vapor Premier jerseys this season. Though it’s now harder to read player names due to smaller nameplates and the MLB emblem being positioned lower, some of the most controversial design elements are becoming more prominent.

Everybody was happy with what they had. Turner said, “We understand business, but I think everyone wants to leave things mostly the same, with a few modifications here and there.”

The players are at odds with each other.

Trea Turner was not alone in his thoughts; Matt Strahm of the San Diego Padres agreed, adding, “Don’t fix what’s not broken. All it appears different.” While certain players—like Ronald Acuña Jr., Adley Rutschman, and Nolan Arenado—have noted the jerseys’ increased movement and lighter feel, most players appear to agree with Turner and Strahm.

Not every player, though, is against the new clothes. Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels and Jason Heyward of the Chicago Cubs have both openly supported the modifications.

Players will need to adapt

It is unclear, however, if Major League Baseball will continue to use Nike’s Vapor Premier Jerseys in the long run because the general consensus seems to be that players are not like of the new styles.

According to the AP, Strahm stated,

“It is what it is.” “Work with the resources we have. There is always a learning curve and an adjustment phase when you make a shift. How many Americans get to select their own work attire?”

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