AEW: Mariah May Employs Opponent’s Traits, Video Went Viral

Recent years have seen a lot of unusual moves in wrestling; this is one of those.

AEW: Mariah May Employs Her Opponent's Traits And Video Went Viral

For a long time, wrestling has been a hugely popular sport and a component of the entertainment industry. These men and women put their bodies in danger to entertain the audience with their daring stunts in AEW and even return to methods that captivate every admirer and devotee.

It is not unusual, however, to occasionally witness some unusual actions with objects that not only make people laugh but also raise controversy when they are used, such as chairs, ladders, paint, kendo sticks, baseballs, or barbwire.

A wrestler at the most recent All Elite Wrestling (AEW) show employed a novel technique that, while not entirely customary in the wrestling world, has shown to be successful and well-liked by the audience.

Many people will likely water the seed that Mariah May sowed on the ring at AEW

Something Mariah May did recently has not been done before. When the organization was performing at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for AEW Collision, one of its top performances, it happened.

When Mariah pulled out her bag of tricks and staged a motorboat dance in front of her opponent, the crowd went wild. This demonstrated her dominance over the opponent.

The opponent she faced in that contest, Leyla Hirsch, took a knee to the face before the move that went viral online.

After spending some time in Japan, Mariah has attempted things that have gone viral before.

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