Ngannou Might Never Fight Again After Untimely Death Of Son

Ngannou Might Never Fight Again After Untimely Death Of Son

The future of boxing for the former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou is uncertain with the death of his young son at the beginning of May.

The Cameroonian fighter’s plans after the tragedy have been made public by his coach, Dewey Cooper.

Ngannou shared his sorrow and shock over his son Kobe’s sudden death in a heartfelt social media post on May 1. He expressed shock and agony.

Known for his intimidating presence in the ring, the 37-year-old fighter is currently struggling with an unfathomable loss and wondering how he would manage without his cherished kid at his side.

Trainer Dewey Cooper highlights that Ngannou needs time and space to process the tragedy as he struggles with the death of his kid.

Cooper, who has been a rock for Ngannou through this trying period, admits that losing a kid has a huge effect and that there are no words to adequately express it.

“Day by day, he is handling it. Not once have I considered getting into a fight or what he would do in the fight. Just him has my whole heart. All I can do is hope that he gets better and finds a way to cope. It is awful. And it’s quite depressing.”

Dewey Cooper

Tenacity of Ngannou has distinguished his professional life.

Ngannou has faced both success and setbacks during his professional boxing career. He made a big impression in just two fights in a span of five months, competing against the best boxers in the sport.

In Saudi Arabia, for his professional debut, he faced off against Tyson Fury. There, he not only outlasted the Gypsy King but also showed off his undeveloped skills and tenacity.

But as he went on to fight Anthony Joshua, he lost in the second round, highlighting how unpredictable the sport can be.

Cooper refuses to waver in his support of Ngannou, pointing out that the fighter is ultimately in charge of making the decision, even though his boxing career is still in doubt.

“Naturally, we are in favor of him doing anything he wants. Naturally, I would prefer that he box once more if it were entirely up to me. He’s talented and capable of doing it. You people have witnessed Joshua’s ability against Fury, and there are definitely a few heavyweights he could defeat. The Joshua fight didn’t go our way; it was simply not our night that evening.”

Dewey Cooper

Even with the difficulties, Cooper shows off Ngannou’s remarkable journey—which demonstrates his tenacity and resolve—from poverty in Cameroon to winning the UFC heavyweight champion and then switching to boxing.

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