Dak Prescott Should Be Considered In MVP Evaluation

This season, Dak Prescott is proving himself with his stats and performances.

Dallas Cowboys Fans Draws Ire At Tom Brady

Observing the two NFL quarterbacks who earn the highest salaries sit out the remainder of the season because to injury is really amusing. Following their extremely large deal signings, Joe Burrow and Deshaun Watson both had injuries that ended their seasons. However, Dak Prescott has been under fire for his recent performances and has virtually completely lost the trust of Dallas Cowboys supporters.

With the Cowboys this season, Prescott has produced amazing stats and outcomes without the extra burden of being one of the highest-paid players in the game. Despite their record of 6-3, Dak Prescott’s club has high expectations for this season and wants to make the playoffs.


Jerry Jones believes that this year is of Dak Prescott

Since the sixth week of the season, Dak Prescott‘s stats have been nothing short of remarkable. Since then, he has dominated all but two categories in the competition to be the league’s greatest quarterback. In addition, his anticipated points added per play (EPA/play) is 0.28.

Lamar Jackson (0.18), Jalen Hurts (0.16), and C.J. Stroud (0.15) are the players closest to him. To put things in perspective a bit further, Patrick Mahomes‘ 0.25 EPA/play earned him MVP honors the previous season. Caesars Sportsbook now has him rated seventh in the league and with +2200 chances to win, while there is still a slim chance he takes home the trophy.

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, is one who has placed all of his confidence in Dak Prescott. He was recently questioned about Prescott’s prospects of taking home the MVP award this year. This is what he said on Dallas’s 105.3FM last Tuesday, “I do, without a doubt. In my opinion, he has assembled a set of games that are the finest of his career. The reason for this is that he is performing them consecutively. He’s got himself into a situation where it’s not just physical but also psychological, boy. He’s truly demonstrated to us the results of his laborious efforts, his dedication, and, to be honest, the changes achieved throughout the previous year.”

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