Jon Rahm; Possible $600 Million Switch To LIV Golf

The Spanish golfer is thinking about making an unexpected move away from the PGA

Jon Rahm Rejected PGA Tour Player Of The Year Award

Golf pro Jon Rahm is reportedly considering an incredible $600 million deal to join LIV Golf.

When Rahm left the virtual golf league TGL, which was started by Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, there was a lot of talk about him perhaps joining the Saudi-backed league LIV Golf.

Jon Rahm requesting alterations to the LIV Golf format?

According to many sources, Rahm is thinking about the generous offer and is in advanced talks with LIV Golf.

Rahm will probably join Sergio Garcia‘s team, which is led by another Spaniard, if he chooses to take the risk. But Rahm insists on alterations to the LIV Golf schedule, so there’s a catch to the bargain.

Official World Golf Ranking points have not been awarded to the league because of its present format, which consists of 12 four-player teams and 14 54-hole tournaments with shotgun starts and no cut.

Rahm finds the effect on player rankings to be particularly bothersome. Numerous players in LIV Golf are no longer eligible for most majors in 2024 due to the format’s negative effects on their world rankings.

Rahm has a special situation that complicates his possible relocation. He is immune from this scenario because of his victory in the 2023 Masters.

Jon Rahm: I don’t find the format of LIV to be very enticing.

Rahm expressed his displeasure with the LIV Golf format by saying, “To be transparent, I don’t really like part of the format.” No cut, shotgun, three days is not a golf competition in my opinion. That’s how easy it is.”

Though Jon Rahm has misgivings, he still enjoys participating in major-league practice rounds among players like Sergio Garcia and Phil Mickelson.

Beyond money, Rahm takes other factors into account. According to his wife Kelley, “I think the PGA Tour has done an amazing job giving us the best platform for us to perform.” I can understand why some find LIV Golf appealing. I can see some of their points of view and the reasons they may make for why they favor it, to put it gently.”

Rahm’s likely move to LIV Golf has been speculated because to his recent departure from TGL and signs of dissatisfaction with the PGA Tour.

With Rahm’s agent, Phil Mickelson, Rahm’s contract with LIV is supposedly a “done deal.”

But there is still some doubt because Rahm publicly refuted these rumors earlier this year. Due to the issue surrounding LIV Golf’s relationship with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, defections are scrutinized and criticized.

In anticipation of potentially seismic shifts in the dynamics of the game, the golf world watches Rahm’s decision with great interest.

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