Kurt Warner Had Sharp Rebuke For Anyone Comparing Tom Brady With Brock Purdy

Kurt Warner Had Sharp Rebuke For Anyone Comparing Tom Brady With Brock Purdy

From the 49ers rookie’s debut, Kurt Warner, like everyone else, has heard a lot about the similarities between Tom Brady and Brock Purdy.

In addition to having very comparable circumstances, Brady wasn’t seen as the New England Patriots‘ biggest success.

His early successes were attributed to his teammates rather than to himself since no one had faith in him. Warner, however, is not only a tremendously accomplished quarterback but also has an eye for identifying potential.

He won two Super Bowls with the Saint Louis Rams in his time. We should all pay attention to Kurt Warner when he talks about quarterbacks. He may not have seen much of Purdy yet, but he already knows enough about the young man to make an informed judgement.

In an interview with Willard and Dibbs, Warner stated,

“I haven’t seen enough to conclude that [Brock Purdy] is one of those special players who can win games with his right arm. To me, that’s the last requirement to become an exceptional or franchise quarterback. However, let’s reflect on Tom Brady’s first three, four, and five years in the NFL.

That wasn’t him at all. He had left that box unchecked. You will eventually have to demonstrate that you are that man. If not, you develop into an extremely skilled player, albeit perhaps not in the elite league. These men weren’t always that man early in their careers, even if they were all outstanding in the end.

Give Brock a bit of time, please. During his brief tenure in our system, he has accomplished impressive feats that leave you thinking, ‘our kid is a pretty excellent quarterback.’ He’s not a finished product, though. Give him some time to prove to us that he can be a franchise quarterback in this league; it doesn’t imply he has already demonstrated all we need to know.”

What is Brock Purdy’s season-long performance?

With a 5-3 record so far this season, Brock Purdy is not doing too poorly for the San Francisco 49ers. Purdy still has opportunities to turn things around, even if his squad is still a far away from the one that came dangerously close to winning the Super Bowl the previous season. These play Sunday against the 6-2 Jacksonville Jaguars.

Brock Purdy will be the center of attention as everyone watches him to see what he can accomplish and to continue demonstrating that he is deserving of the much-needed buzz.

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