Novak Djokovic Defeated Daniil Medvedev, To tie Margaret Court’s 24 Grand Slam Victories Record

In tennis, Margaret Court’s 24 Grand Slam victories were considered one of the most unbreakable records, but Novak Djokovic has now tied it.

To tie Margaret Court's 24 Grand Slam Victories Record, Novak Djokovic Defeated Daniil Medvedev

Djokovic won his fourth US Open championship and 24th Grand Slam overall with his 6-3, 7-6, 6-3 victory over Daniil Medvedev.

When Medvedev initially started to become nervous, he produced three unforced errors and dropped a point to Novak Djokovic on a double fault, which gave Djokovic an early lead. In the third game, Medvedev returned and quickly built a 30-0 lead before Djokovic roared back and scored four straight points to win.

In the fourth game, Djokovic was the one who made mistakes. Medvedev won, scoring 3-1, thanks to two unforced mistakes by Djokovic. Djokovic made another unforced error to begin the fifth game but fought back in a close fifth set to take the lead 4-1.

The following two games were shared between Novak Djokovic and Medvedev.

The following game was won by Medvedev to rally himself back into the match, bringing it to 5-3, but Djokovic immediately quelled the upsurge, winning the opening set 6-3.

Medvedev took the opening game in the second set, getting off to a stronger start. The first five games were won alternately by him and Djokovic, with Medvedev holding a 3-2 advantage. Medvedev battled with double faults even though he was leading the set. In the opening five games of the second set, Medvedev committed five double faults.

Djokovic won the following game to tie the second set at 3-3. In the seventh game of the second set, when the scores were tied at 40-40, Djokovic collapsed to the court to gather his breath after a 31-shot rally.

Ultimately, Medvedev prevailed in that game and led Djokovic 4-3 in the second set. In a drawn-out eighth game, Djokovic rallied to level the match. The following three games were then swapped between the two, giving Medvedev the advantage 6-5 and extending the set to a 12th game. Before the second set was over, the match lasted more than two hours.

Djokovic won the following game, which forced a tiebreak to decide the second set. The second set, which lasted 1 hour and 44 minutes, was won by Djokovic after another protracted game. In 2023, it was the US Open‘s most extended set.

To start the third set, Djokovic surged out to a 3-1 lead, giving him an excellent chance to win his 24th Grand Slam match. Medvedev, though, would not quit so quickly. He made it 3-2 by winning the set’s fifth game. Djokovic then gained control. He won the next two games rapidly to increase his lead to 5-2.

Medvedev won the third set’s eighth game after a comeback, but that was the height of the response. The following match was won by Djokovic, giving him a 6-3 victory in the set and his 24th Grand Slam title.

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