Sergio Brown Enters Plea Of Not-Guilty To Accused Of Murder His Mother

The accusations against former NFL player Sergio Brown for murder have been dropped. Brown was recently taken into custody in relation to the death of his mother. Wednesday marked the safety player’s entry into the plea. The player had six seasons in the NFL, seven of which were spent with the New England Patriots.

On September 16, Sergio Brown’s mother, Myrtle Brown, was found dead in a stream bank in the Chicago neighborhood of Maywood. After going missing, Sergio travelled to Mexico, saying on Instagram that the death of his mother was “phony information.”

He also stated that the bureau provided him an “unwarranted” visit the day of Bob Marley‘s passing, and he claimed that he had been kidnapped twice by the Maywood Police Department.

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Sergio was taken into custody nonetheless, as a result of his attempt to enter California from Mexico. After an Illinois warrant for his arrest was obtained, he was taken into custody by the Threat Management Unit of the San Diego Police Department and many other local and federal authorities.

On the flight to Tijuana, Sergio was observed getting into a furious confrontation with two cops during the arrest. Sergio was audibly upset and spoke loudly during the altercation, which was caught on camera.

Sergio Brown was retired in 2016

It was not an easy path for Sergio Brown to enter the NFL. Despite not being selected in the NFL Draft, he was a football player at Notre Dame University.

He nonetheless got a contract with the New England Patriots in 2010 and has a prosperous career in the NFL despite this setback. Prior to his final season in 2016, he was a player for the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Indianapolis Colts.

The NFL community and fans were both taken aback to learn of Sergio’s arrest. Numerous individuals are still attempting to comprehend the circumstances and determine what caused such a terrible sequence of events. Sergio now has to face the terrible charge of killing his mother, and the court process will decide his future.

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