Tee Higgins Wants To Stay With Bengals

The Bengals have not signed receiver Tee Higgins to a contract. The franchise tag has been used by the team to infringe upon his rights. Higgins seeks an extended agreement. Rumor has it that he requested to be traded.

He has expressed a desire to remain a Bengals player. Higgins stated unequivocally that he would like to continue playing for the Bengals during his appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast (via James Rapien of SI.com).

Tee Higgins said, “Regarding returning, I would sincerely like to do so. Over the last four years, I have developed as a man. increased in skill and formed new, lasting friendships. Great connections with Cincinnatians living outside of the institution; the supporters are wonderful. That being said, I would really enjoy being here. However, that scenario won’t exist if it doesn’t.”

Wednesday was the day the episode was uploaded. The time of recording is unclear. (He mentions, among other things, giving the Bengals his iPad. Probably at the conclusion of the 2023 season, that would have occurred.)

Mobil 1: Behind the Drive with Tee Higgins – Part 3 | I AM ATHLETE

Long-term contracts with franchise-tagged players have not been signed by the Bengals in the past. The player is usually tagged for a year while playing, after which the tag is removed.

Higgins will not be penalized for missing the preseason, training camp, or offseason program. He may receive the entire sum of his $21.8 million franchise tender just a few days before the regular season begins.

The Bengals could cancel it, that’s the only danger. Higgins would then be free to sign with any team, long after the big checks and depth charts have been made. Although it’s not likely, it does occasionally happen.

Higgins, in what will be his contract year, should, according to some, show up and prepare for a huge season. It’s not actually necessary, according to others, for him to do that. That if he becomes a free agency in March 2025, he will have accomplished enough in four seasons to be eligible for a big contract.

Either way, Higgins won’t likely receive a long-term contract from the Bengals. If the Bengals don’t offer him a long-term deal that satisfies his needs by the July 15 deadline, he will eventually have to make the decision of whether to show up and collect his $21.8 million.

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