Tommy Fury Outduels Jake Paul In Fight

Jake Paul talks about the worrying circumstances that contributed to his defeat by Tommy Fury.

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Any professional or semi-professional boxer is aware that their possibility of winning a fight depends significantly on how well they prepare. Jake Paul was aware of this going into every battle he trained for, but during his preparation for the fight with Tommy Fury, he made a mistake.

Paul recently said on the Full Send Podcast that he made a mistake during the training camp that could have lost him the fight with Tyson Fury. There was a sense that something wasn’t quite right after the bout, even though Paul fought bravely and the defeat was a split decision. 

Finally, the youngest Paul brother acknowledged what may have been the cause of this setback. Although it’s not good for him, he has hopefully learned from his errors.

Jake Paul had a binge seven weeks before the fight.

Jake Paul said that only seven weeks before his fight with Tommy Fury, he had been drinking heavily and partying excessively. That indicates that he was overconfident or perhaps not treating the training camp properly.

“I knew I wasn’t focused going into the Tommy fight. I was drinking like seven weeks before and I was like, what the fuck am I doing? Both drinking and partying at the club. You think like, ‘Okay, no one’s beat me or given me a crazy challenge’. In hindsight, it’s so stupid and that’s why I’m saying it out loud. It’s so that like other people can learn from that and not fucking do that. It was like 5th January when I was like bro, what the fuck am I doing? I’m done with this shit and sure enough, I lost because of that.”

Jake Paul

Paul at least acknowledges his errors and has intensified his preparation for the fight with Nate Diaz. We all know how the following battle turned out, but Jake Paul also gained important knowledge that day.

There isn’t now anyone vying for Jake Paul’s attention, yet his degree of discipline has remained constant. We might see Jake’s next opponent announced just days after his brother Logan Paul’s fight with Dillon Danis, who is getting set to face Jake.

Jake Paul appears to be a fantastic fit for KSI, but the rematch with Tommy Fury is unquestionably the score Paul wants to settle first. After October 14, additional specific details will be available.

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