Why Muslim Brotherhood Connected To Karim Benzema? Who Are They?

Karim Benzema is currently gaining attention because of concerns that he is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that is problematic in several nations, rather than his play on the pitch.

In countries like France and the United States, it is regarded as a terrorist organization, while in others like Spain, it is not given the same categorization.

What exactly is the Muslim Brotherhood?

Sheikh Hassan Al-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Ismailia, Egypt, in 1928, and it has a long history since then. In the beginning, the group sought to counter British influence in Egypt by instilling Islamic principles.

The Muslim Brotherhood started off participating in humanitarian and peace missions, but with time they started to become more radicalized, which gave rise to other extremist organizations. In Egypt, it was outlawed in 1954, and after that, especially under Anwar Sadat’s regime, it existed in legal uncertainty.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been accused of playing a part in the creation of Hamas, a well-known terrorist organization that frequently engages in hostilities with Israel.

They also participated in the 2011 Arab Spring, slightly seizing control to show a more peaceful side.

However, this resulted in the overthrow of their elected leader, Mohamed Morsi, in a 2013 coup, and Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s subsequent decision to outlaw the group in Egypt. As a result, several of the group’s senior members were imprisoned or given death sentences.

Why is Karim Benzema associated with the Muslim Brotherhood?

A tweet that Karim Benzema sent expressing sorrow for the Gaza bombing victims led to speculation that he was affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

His failure to mention the teacher’s death at the hands of an inspired Islamist or the Hamas assaults on Israel prompted outrage in France, where certain members of the French Football Federation and the general public criticized him.

According to Vicenc Batalla on Cadena Ser, the controversy stems in part from critics in French society, including those connected to the French football federation, who accuse Benzema of being silent after the Hamas attack on Israel or after a teacher was killed by a radicalized Islamist.

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