Will Hulk Hogan join WWE? Momentous Return Expected

Will Hulk Hogan join WWE? Momentous Return Expected For Hulkmania

WWE is preparing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hulkamania, the unofficial start of the wrestling period that began on January 23, 1984, when Terry “The Hulk” Boulder, then known as Hulk Hogan, faced The Iron Sheikh to win the WWE Championship.

Though no official appearance has been announced as of yet, reports suggest that WWE intends to commemorate this momentous occasion by producing new Hulk Hogan souvenirs and paraphernalia and perhaps by having “The Hulkster” make an appearance at celebration events.

WWE has announced on Twitter that it will be honoring Hulkamania‘s 40th anniversary this month with a variety of freshly launched items and collectibles featuring Hulk Hogan.

I’ve been informed that Hogan might make an appearance, although it’s not currently scheduled. Hulkamania was officially launched on January 23, 1984, when he fought Iron Sheikh to win the WWE Championship.

An icon in the WWE: Hulk Hogan

The historic triumph at “The Wrestling Classic” was a career-changing event for Hogan and laid the groundwork for Hulkamania’s long reputation.

Hogan’s victory over the Iron Sheikh demonstrated his strength and charm, especially when it came to his trademark technique, the leg drop. Hogan held the WWE Championship for an amazing 1,474 days.

Fans can expect a rebirth of Hulk Hogan-related items and memorabilia as WWE honors the legendary wrestler and the lasting influence of Hulkamania, even though the celebration’s specifics are yet unknown.

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