WWE Celebrity Threatened Journalist; What Action Did He Take?

The journalist gave the sport’s unpleasant truths.

Journalist Threatened By WWE Celebrity; What Action Did Reporter Take?

A top WWE wrestler confronted a journalist who dared to declare professional wrestling fake before a Perth, Western Australia card.

Austin Theory lost his composure a few days after the incident, which occurred prior of the iconic Triple H‘s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view live event at Optus Stadium.

The West Australian’s top editor, Anthony De Ceglie, had a conversation with the former champion of the United States at his office. Nonetheless, the senior journalist gave off the impression that she lacked respect, calling wrestling “fake” and maintaining that the competitors are “not truly hitting each other.”

The professional player wasn’t amused by that and expressed his displeasure and rage to the reporter about it. “You brought me here, so why are you speaking to me in this manner?” De Ceglie heard Theory say. “Dude, just because you’re in control of this doesn’t mean you get to talk to me like this.”

“You’re boasting about how easy my work is, and you’re doing it in front of all your folks in this room. I couldn’t walk in my shoes for a day. I’m about to give you a severe beating. Nothing is going on here.”

An eyewitness stated that De Ceglie was “genuinely worried” about what was happening in front of him, but fortunately Barrie Knight, the on-duty security, intervened to keep the two apart.

Does WWE wrestling exist in a phony way?

Even though it is structured and scripted, professional wrestling combines performance art, storytelling, and athleticism. Although the results are predetermined, the participants must possess a great deal of skill, strength, and agility because the physicality is quite genuine.

To reduce the possibility of damage, wrestlers must complete extensive training in order to perform maneuvers convincingly and safely. As a result of the sport’s intensity, injuries still happen.

Wrestlers frequently suffer real injuries despite the fixed format of contests, highlighting the physical cost of the trade. The sportsmanship and commitment of professional wrestling are quite real, even when the results are known in advance. What say you, then, about calling WWE fake?

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