Checo Perez Is Upbeat For Canada & Believes That Verstappen Can Be Defeated

The Red Bull driver thinks that when the season began, he was on a level playing field with his partner. Checo Perez Is Upbeat For Canada & Believes That Verstappen Can Be Defeated.

Charles Leclerc Or Lando Norris Will Take Sergio Perez's Spot

The contract for Charles Leclerc with Ferrari expires at the end of 2024, although he may depart before then.

Red Bull is ahead of the competition. For the other teams on the grid, it is nearly impossible to overtake the RB19. So far in the seven races, the only drivers to finish on the podium are Max Verstappen and Checo Perez.

Both got off to a strong start in the F1 season, sharing points in the opening races and finishing extremely close to one another.

In Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan, where he scored a sizable number of points, the Mexican won. He had the chance to usurp his teammate’s leadership when he got to Miami.

Although the current champion hasn’t given up his supremacy, he started to lose steam and move backwards at that point.

Verstappen now leads Perez by 53 points. The Mexican has been put under strain, so the squad advises him to stop concentrating so hard on attempting to defeat Max.

Checo, on the other hand, has faith in his abilities, and although he knows it will be challenging, he is sure that he can defeat him.

“Being Max’s teammate is probably the most difficult thing, because he is a driver who doesn’t have many faults, but I think it’s possible to beat him.”  

Sergio Perez

He is conscious of his errors and desires to right them.

Between himself and Verstappen, the driver doesn’t think there is much of a difference. Although he is conscious of the fact that his performance has declined in recent races, he believes it to be a common occurrence during the season.

“I’ve been on a par with Max since the start of the season, in one way or another, sometimes better or worse, but I think that’s how it should be.”

Sergio Perez

To focus on the good, Perez wants to put his past sins behind him. His confidence is increased by the car’s functionality and good performance.

“The speed is there, if the accident in Monaco hadn’t happened and I was half a second off his pace I would be worried.”

“The positive thing is that we have been able to change things and I want to get more wins, I have adapted much better to the car this year. I understand the weaknesses I had last year. That’s the positive thing about the season so Far.”

Sergio Perez

He will try to resume his winning ways this weekend in Canada.

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