CM Punk: Incredible Comeback In WWE After Almost Ten Years

Punk’s contract was cancelled in 2014, and he left on terrible terms.

CM Punk: Incredible Comeback In WWE After Almost Ten Years Away

It’s CM Punk again! With a stunning performance at Survivor Series, the former WWE Champion made his television comeback after a nine-year and eleven-month absence.

Since joining the WWE in 2005, CM Punk—real name: Phillip Jack Brooks—has won two WWE Championships in addition to the World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and World Tag Team titles, making him the 19th person to complete the Triple Crown.

He returned to the WWE after a break, and the audience erupted in madness, roaring with joy as his name appeared on the screens. The audience erupted in CM Punk’s name, and he attempted to hide a smile to act cool, but everyone could see the grin.

This is a promising time for the athlete and WWE, as many believe it will put an end to the 45-year-old’s rivalry with the promoters. Triple H was the one who made the crucial breakthrough, according to Sean Ross of

Ross said on X, the previous Twitter platform,

“These are the details we currently have.” “CM Punk claimed to have spoken with Triple H for an hour last week, according to at least one individual close to him. The creative team, representatives, and employees of WWE were clueless. Minutes before his appearance, he was walking in the rear in full sight. They’d made some space clear. In the last few minutes, Triple H took over the show’s phone calls and requested the copyright logo. Not even many people working in manufacturing were aware of it.”

What caused CM Punk to leave?

2014 saw a break in his relationship with the company as he did not show up for Raw or SmackDown in spite of being scheduled for both shows. Feeling worn out, he left the sport, interrupting his route to legendary status.

Partially because he had survived a three-month staph illness, he had pledged never to return to the sport and had been suspended two months before he retired. His picture had also been removed from promotional material.

Vince McMahon eventually apologized to CM Punk, but the wrestler rejected the apology, claiming it was little more than a PR gimmick and disingenuous.

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