Serena Williams: Difficult Day For Mental Health Made Easier By Motherhood

It’s acceptable to not feel okay, the mother of two disclosed to her fans.

Serena Williams: Difficult Day For Mental Health Made Easier By Motherhood

Serena Williams, a tennis great, shared a touching experience with her followers on X. A touching photo of the 23-time grand slam winner cuddling with her 3-month-old baby Adira River was shared on social media.

Williams captures the close relationship between mother and child in the picture as she cradles her infant to her bosom as it is covered in a polka-dot blanket.

“This makes me so happy,” Serena Williams said in the caption, sharing a peek of the pleasures she receives on a personal level as a mother.

The athlete openly stated in an earlier X message that she was “not ok today,” bringing attention to the difficult times that everyone—even famous athletes—can experience. This post comes after that message.

The entire message was as follows:

“Today, I’m not feeling well. And it’s acceptable to not feel alright. Nobody is ever really fine. I’m here for you if you’re not feeling well today. Tomorrow is always an option. Love you. “

Serena Williams has disclosed openly her issues with mental health.

With her husband Alexis Ohanian, Williams has daughters Olympia and Adira. She has been candid about the challenges of being a parent.

She gave a realistic glimpse into the less glamorous side of her existence in a recent TikTok short by hilariously contrasting her glitzy presence at the 2023 CFDA Awards with the routine job of pumping breast milk.

The tennis player has continuously pushed for greater public understanding of mental health. Williams stressed the significance of placing a high priority on mental health in an interview with Selena Gomez for the mental health portal Wondermind.

“Particularly mentally, it’s crucial to prioritize yourself,” she said. Williams talked about her ingrained habit of setting firm limits and having “shutdown moments” to protect her mental health.

The family Christmas play by Serena Wililams

A further window into the Ohanian-Williams household was provided by Serena and her spouse, Alexis, who got into the spirit of the season by taking part in a local theatre production of “The Nutcracker.”

Displaying their active engagement in their children’s life, the pair performed with their daughter in a ballet performance.

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