Eddie Jackson Uploads An Odd Social Media Post With Volatile Future

Eddie Jackson Uploads An Odd Social Media Post With Volatile Future

Safety Eddie Jackson said “All Love Chi-Town” in an ambiguous Instagram story recently, amid an unclear future with the Bears.

In seven seasons as a player, Jackson, 30, spent time in Chicago. Prior to 2018, he was an All-Pro safety, but he has subsequently dropped down. During the 2019–21 season, he only had two interceptions. With four interceptions and a renewed energy in 2022, he made a comeback. However, he hasn’t really performed to the level expected.

The final season of his deal with the Bears is coming up, and he is due $14 million. However, there will be $13 million more in cap space available if the front office decides to part ways with Jackson. However, in order to satisfy his release, they will need to pay almost $5 million in dead capital.

The Bears will probably decide to sever their relationship with Jackson, who was selected by the organization during the previous administration, which was managed by former general manager Ryan Pace. He is close to thirty years old, and his play on the field hasn’t shown him any reason to be a regular again.

Eddie Jackson has demonstrated a deep connection to the Bears and plans to play for them again the following season. He told NBC Sports Chicago that he thought he had earned the right to return the next season. He said as much during the season.

Regarding the Bears, Jackson stated, “This is where it all began.” “I participated in this when it was going on. It was a part of me when it was unavailable. As I’m already involved while it’s rising again, I should have earned the privilege of participating when it’s rising. But it has to be next year, really? This place or another. I beg you, man, to please accept it. Have to be present. There’s more I can give still.”

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