Is De Gea Interested To Join Inter Miami? Rejected Al Nassr’s Big Offer

Currently without a team, the former Manchester United custodian is weighing many offers.

Is De Gea interested in joining Inter Miami? Rejecting Al Nassr's Huge Offer

The English media is still discussing the “soap opera” that is David De Gea‘s future, as the former Manchester United custodian is linked to joining Lionel Messi at Inter Miami.

Although he has had many offers, the 33-year-old goalie and Premier League Golden Glove winner from the previous season is currently without a team after departing England this summer. The Spaniard has drawn attention from teams throughout the globe in football.

Last but not least, a substantial financial offer to move the custodian to the Middle East came from Saudi Arabia through Al Nassr, the team where Cristiano Ronaldo used to play. The Sun has reported that the Spanish custodian, nevertheless, would have turned down the Arab club’s offer of £500,000 a week.

When it comes to selecting a new club, he and his wife, Edurne, believe that money is not the most important factor at the moment and are not interested in relocating to Saudi Arabia. Inter Miami, led by David Beckham, is reportedly interested in signing the Spanish custodian, according to the English press as well.

If De Gea accepts, he would follow Messi and former international colleagues Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba as veteran Spanish-speaking players who have moved to the United States.

There’s a chance that the 33-year-old may make a surprise return to Atletico Madrid after he left the team in 2011. It’s also possible that he would pursue possibilities closer to home. Liga EA Sport has also contacted other teams, such as Valencia and Real Betis; however, it is less likely that he would wind up at either of those two teams given their pay offers.

Injury to Andre Onana

Andre Onana, David De Gea’s successor at the Old Trafford-based team, has also drawn criticism for making a comparable number of soft or unforced mistakes that allow their opponents to score easy goals.

With Cameroon’s FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign, Onana may now take a little break from the limelight—not because of anything good, but rather because he suffered an injury to his pubis or pelvic bone.

His absence from their next match against Libya means that he is now doubtful for Manchester United’s Sunday, November 26 trip to Goodison Park to play Everton. Altay Bayindir is expected to make his club debut in August 2023 if he is deemed unable to play for Erik Ten Hag’s team.

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