After Subpar Game In Front Of Rubi Rose, Jordan Poole Dispels An Old NBA Myth

Rumored to be dating rapper Rubi Rose, point guard Jordan Poole of the Washington Wizards had been the subject of persistent rumors.

After Subpar Game In Front Of Rubi Rose, Jordan Poole Dispels An Old NBA Myth

Rubi Rose even lost a little money because of the Wizards point guard.

Rubi Rose recently travelled to Washington, D.C. to see him play against the New York Knicks, however he has refuted any allegations even somewhat connected to it. In actuality, Rubi has made a few trips to the Wizards this season, and speculation has been swirling about the true reason for her visits.

Rose stated prior to last night’s game that she had wagered on Jordan Poole to score more than 16.5 points, which isn’t actually that much. Surely 17 points would be easy peasy while playing the Knicks at home, right? Another belief is that NBA players save their finest performances for selected audiences.

Wizard’s supporters began celebrating early and blatantly declaring that Poole would be scoring 60 points yesterday night as soon as Rubi Rose tweeted that she will be at the game. In reality, the former Warriors star gave a comically underwhelming performance. None of that occurred.

Only eight points and a financial loss were caused by Poole when Rubi rose courtside. If they remained friends after the game, we still don’t know, but he definitely owes her an explanation. Having to watch these highlights of Poole throughout the game may make stage fright a good thing. Soon, some began to question if he was even capable of balling. We lost the entire game due to several turnovers.

The situation for wizards is likewise grim.

The Washington Wizards are 2-10 on the season, so it’s not like the rest of the squad is performing any better. Not just Jordan Poole, but the entire squad is experiencing a depressing collective nightmare.

Jordan Poole will bear all the consequences for the Wizards’ 99-120 defeat from last night. Who not only had an unmemorable night, but also successfully put an end to a myth that had survived in the NBA for centuries. People will now doubt him every time an All-Star receives a visit from a muse, albeit perhaps he will be the exception to the norm.

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