Tiger Woods Avoided Grave Peril To Stop Erica Herman Hanging Around

Tiger Woods Avoided Grave Peril To Stop Erica Herman Hanging Around

When Erica Herman dropped her legal action against the legendary golf player, she revealed that Tiger Woods had never sexually attacked her.

She was committed to a non-disclosure agreement by a court in May 2023, and as a result, her request to be freed from it was dismissed in Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal.

Before Herman claiming the Speak Out Act as a means of escaping an NDA against the 15-time major champion, the two had dated from 2017 until 2022. The Speak Out Act releases victims of sexual assault from the legally obligated agreement to speak out.

According to Fox News, she stated in a court notification that Herman had never experienced sexual assault or harassment at the hands of Tiger Woods. She maintains that she has never made a claim for any of his agents, or anybody else.

In court, Woods has been argued four times by the restaurant management; the third time, judges have rejected or withdrawn her allegations.

After claiming that Woods had deceived her into leaving and locked her out, she filed a $30 million lawsuit against Jupiter Island Irrevocable Trust, the company that owns Woods’ Florida house, alleging that this violated a contract that extended her stay by five years.

In July 2023, Erica Herman willingly withdrew the complaint, and before that, she filed an earlier appeal against the NDA, which was also denied by the court, and she filed a lawsuit against him for sexual assault.

She lacked “factual clarity” for “any accusation pertaining to sexual assault or sexual harassment,” Circuit Judge Elizabeth Metzger stated in her previous challenge to the NDA, as reported by People magazine.

According to rumors, Woods may be ready to resume playing professionally, but for now, he is not playing golf in order to heal from an ankle injury he had at the Masters in April 2023.

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