Jake Paul Intensifies His Fighter Wage Dispute With Dana White

Jake Paul is out to prove himself to Dana White in the fight for fighters’ wages.

Jake Paul Intensifies His Fighter Wage Dispute With Dana White

Given what “The Problem Child” stated on the “George Janko Podcast,” it appears that the feud between Jake Paul and Dana White is only getting warmed up. On the podcast “IMPAULSIVE,” Janko and Logan Paul were co-hosts for a while, but they eventually fell out.

Despite being a well-known influencer already, George continued to produce his own podcast and found great success with many of the shows he released. He invited Paul to appear on one of his own episodes and eventually made the decision to collaborate with the boxer on his podcast. Janko attempted to get more information regarding Jake’s highly publicized beef with Dana White during the line of questioning.

Jake Paul thinks Dana White is a hypocrite.

At 1:04:55 in the program, Janko, trying to play devil’s advocate, asked if Jake Paul could speak with Dana White to persuade him that fighter salary is not an issue for UFC fighters.

Paul went on a tirade, claiming that although Dana White advocates for free speech and liberties for Americans, his actions betray this belief. He insisted that Dana White would never pay attention to what he had to say and reaffirmed his goal to establish a fighter’s guild.

His objective is to provide the combatants at the bottom of the ladder with at least minimal health care and higher compensation. However, because Jake Paul brought up some extremely embarrassing numbers on this show, let’s examine them in more detail.

Even after taking Conor McGregor‘s compensation into account, Paul said that Dana White only gives his athletes 15% of the UFC’s total revenue. According to Jake Paul, without Conor’s earnings, this figure drops to roughly 10%. For all of his fighters, this amount equals $20 million.

The UFC reportedly brought in $1 billion in revenue in 2023 alone, according to Forbes. Accordingly, Dana White gets paid significantly less than 15% of the company’s 2023 earnings, while Jake Paul is completely off. But since Dana White wants to continue dominating the combat sports industry for years to come, it will be nearly impossible to persuade him. According to what Jake Paul tells George Janko in this episode, being a part of the PFL is just one aspect of his goals.

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