Ryan Garcia Gave Bernard Hopkins Jaw Hook Before Taking On Oscar Duarte

Oscar de la Hoya was also targeted by “King” Garcia’s attacks.

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Ryan Garcia, a Mexican boxer, began tossing punches before to his matchup with Oscar Duarte. He smacked Bernard Hopkins squarely in the jaw with one of his hooks, even if this time the punches were verbal.

Garcia sued Golden Boy Promotions, an Oscar De La Hoya-owned firm in which Hopkins is a minority partner, in the middle of the year in an attempt to end his contract.

Ryan Garcia has resented the organization, and De La Hoya and Hopkins in particular, ever since he failed to meet his aim. The week before the battle with Oscar Duarte, this animosity broke out during the press conference.

“King” Garcia said that De la Hoya was endorsing Duarte, among other accusations. “It’s very obvious to me that they’re supporting this guy to compete against me… because they believe he’s the next Mexican star,” stated the boxer.

Hopkins’s bait

Bernard Hopkins, the former middleweight champion, was Garcia’s primary objective, though. The Mexican expressed his particular annoyance at Hopkins’ assurance that he would determine the Mexican’s retirement age.

During the press conference, Garcia asserted that God makes the final decision, not him. “It’s not up to him to decide. Everybody that works with me every day, including my coach and team, feels the same way.”

The Mexican emphasized, “When Hopkins should give up boxing, no one was warning him. At forty-five, he quit boxing? Well done, sir. Yet he makes that decision.” “But it was García’s reminder that knocked Hopkins out of the ring the last time I checked—he’d declared he’d never lose to a white child. That’s what made Hopkins stumble. When I last looked, Joe Smith Jr. It’s got white on it. Thus, they are telling lies.”

Ryan Garcia keeps an eye on Duarte at all times.

Ryan had the fight against Oscar Duarte in mind during all the issues and accusations levelled against Golden Boy Promotions and its owners.

Before anything else, he issued a warning, saying, “I’m laser-focused and I come to show what I bring.” This self-assurance originates from there.”

“La Migraña” Duarte and “King” Garcia will face off in a 12-round bout on Saturday at the Toyota Centre in Houston, Texas.

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