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Chris Boucher, who is recognized for his level of energy and tremendous brightness on the court, has made a nice niche for himself in the NBA. From doing very well in junior college to winning the championship for national team, his path to the NBA was special.  Let’s discuss Chris Boucher’s career stats and how he has affected the game.

Chris Boucher Career Stats

The Raptors’ power forward has made a significant impact during his NBA career. Here are his career stats:

 – Games Played: 353 games across 7 seasons.

 – Points: 3,079 points – 8.7 points per game (av).

 – Assists: 0.9 per game.

 – Rebounds: 10.5 rebounds per game.

 – Per 36 Minutes:  17.6 points per game.

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College Stats

Chris Boucher was equally successful in his college basketball career. Here are his stats from the University of Oregon times:

 – Games Played:  69 games.

 – Points: 12.0 points per game.

– Rebounds: 6.8 rebounds per game.

– Shooting Efficiency: Boucher managed to shoot 53.2% of his field goals and 34.4% of his threes.

– Player Efficiency Rating (PER): 26.8 – the best in the league.

– Win Shares (WS): 9.4 win shares across 4 seasons.

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Golden Moments

Boucher’s journey includes memorable moments with the Raptors:

 – NBA Championships: He played a key role for the Raptors in the 2018 and 2019 championships.

– Scoring Highs: The top-notch moment of his career came during the game when Boucher scored 25 points against the Charlotte Hornets. Then there was another game against the Atlanta Hawks involving 29 points, 10 rebounds, and 2 blocks was displayed against the Atlanta Hawks.

– Season-High Performance: He had 30 points and 5 rebounds in the contest against the Boston Celtics team.

Bottom Line

Chris Boucher’s tenacity, defensive instincts, and elite scoring ability make him to be unforgettable on the court. His journey from conquering barriers to making a successful NBA career encourages sports fans everywhere. He is an example of a fixture who values a player who works hard on both ends of the game.

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